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    Rules is a forum that allows self-expression without censorship.
    Here you can find resources, get advice, support, and talk with like-minded individuals.

    • Targeted attacks: Persecution or bullying of other users is not allowed.
    • Harsh Language: This is not the place to insult others or start flame wars.
    • Platitudes: You can give advice and help others, but respect their opinion.
    • Low-effort / Spam: No pointless threads, posting all the time in caps, advertisement, or spam.
    • Requests for money or products: You can ask for resources, but do not ask for direct help from other members (money, products, etc).
    • Partners / Pacts: Post exclusively in the megathread. Read the rules of the thread first.
    • Personal Information: Don't post personal information of neither yourself nor providers.
    • PM's: Do not mass PM people.
    Note that mods may still delete posts or warn users if they deem it appropriate, trying to circumvent the rules won't work.


    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    -Is there an official Discord?
    Once you have been a user of the site for two week and are active, PM @DF90 to get an invite (You can find her profile from the Members page).

    -Can I donate?
    Yes, thank you! You can help with Bitcoin:
    Or of you want to donate via Paypal please PM @Serge.

    -How can I send PM's to other users?
    The permission will be granted automatically after you post a certain number of posts and are active for a certain amount of time. This is to avoid spam, low effort/lazy PM's, trolling, and to not waste anyone's time.

    -Will the site ever close? Should I worry?
    No. Our servers are offshore, and we have taken precautions to avoid any issue that can arise. Please don't create panic by making threads about this.

    -Can I edit / delete my posts and threads?
    Yes. You have 6 hours after posting to edit / delete the content.
    If you really need something deleted after that period, you can ask a Mod to remove it via PM.

    -How do I get alerts from a certain thread?

    At the top right of every thread there's a button that says "Watch thread".
    If you want to Watch a particular thread without having to post, simply click the button.
    By changing your alert preferences, you can automatically Watch threads after you post in them, or after you create one.

    -Can I discuss methods / make farewell and memorial posts?
    Yes. We do not censor our users.

    -How do I change my alert preferences / the tag under my username?
    From your preferences panel.

    -Is there a "Dark" mode?
    There is! Check the bottom left of the page: There's a button that gives you the option of switching between "Light" and "Dark".

    -Can I change my username?
    Unfortunately no, but you are free to create a new account.

    -Who are the mods?
    You can see the list in the Members section.

    -Can I follow / block a user?
    Yes. Click on the user's name and you should see "Follow" and "Ignore" buttons there.

    -Can I trust other users?
    Most users are sincere and empathetic, but we can never 100% guarantee that people won't lie. Please don't trust strangers without understanding the risks first.

    -How can I stay safe online?

    If you are worried about your privacy, take precautions like you would anywhere else: Don't post personal information (Real name, address, phone, email, pictures, etc), unless you are comfortable exposing it to the internet.
    You can on top use a proxy / VPN if you want to go a step further, but know we take heavy privacy precautions on the site already.

    -Can I close down my account?
    You can PM a mod to get your account banned. We do not delete accounts as it involves acting directly over the database.

    -I have feedback / a question that isn't answered here!
    Feel free to reach out via PM to any of the mods here or on Discord.
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